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We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service


Children without an appointment must be supervised at all times by another adult who is not receiving services.

Most services take several hours and can be hard for children to endure patiently. Due to sharp instruments, chemicals, and hot tools, children are not allowed to play in the salon and may be asked to leave if not properly supervised. We do take children as clients and love to do so however, if you have booked a longer service or multiple services we ask that you leave little ones at home. We also ask that they be booked separately from your own service. Our facilities do not have the capacity to accommodate carriers and strollers without interfering with other guests' space and experience. We hope to keep Stylish Creations a peaceful, safe environment for everyone who arrives.



While we encourage scheduling an appointment, we do welcome walk-in clients. It is based on availability and if we are busy there may be a waiting period or you might have to schedule an actual appointment.

Booking Policy: 

Credit cards are required to be on file to book an appointment. Prepayment of service or a Deposit may be required to secure appointments. (Deposits are required when booking services such as but not limited to: Extensions and Keratin Straightening Treatments; as well as services that require the use of special order products- example: fashion colors, specialty treatments, specialty perms, etc.) Extension Deposits are non-refundable. Service prepayments and or appointment deposits are non-refundable; however, may be transferable with proper 48 hour advanced notice. In the event of multiple late arrivals, cancelations, or no-showed appointments, Your stylist may require a deposit to secure future appointments. If this is a recurring issue, your stylist may refuse to provide you with future services. Refer to your stylist for specific deposit policies.

Cancelation Policy:

Stylish Creations Salon has a strict 48 Hour Advanced Notice cancelation policy. Rescheduling under 48 hours is still a cancelation. We understand that things may come up but please know that without proper notice, we miss the opportunity to fill an appointment time with another client that would like to receive service and have lost income. You may cancel or change your booked appointment up to 48 hours before the start of your appointment. Appointments canceled or rescheduled with less than 48 hour notice forfeits service payment and or deposit and are subject to cancelation fees up to 100% of services total loss. No call/no show appointments will be charged 100% of the service total lost. If an appointment is a no call/no show or late cancelation we reserve the right to refuse future appointments; however, in most cases we will accept future appointments with an additional $50 rebooking fee and or up to 100% of service total lost on the previous appointment if cancelation/no call, no show fee was not previously collected or even if a deposit was collected for the previously missed appointment. By entering your credit card information at time of booking online, or booking by phone, or in-person, and or by making a deposit online, by phone, or in-person you agree to our terms and accept the forfeit of the prepaid service payment and or deposit if you cancel or reschedule with less than 48 hour notice and agree to the possibility of cancelation fees for lost wages. 

Late Policy:
​The appointment time has been reserved especially for you. If you are going to be late, the appointment may need to be altered or rescheduled. A late arrival fee will apply. An appointment will be considered a no call/no show after 15 minutes and will be charged cancelation fees as well as subject to rebooking fees as described within the cancellation policy seen above.

Service Cost:

We offer many different options to best fit your needs. If you are unsure of what service you require, we recommend scheduling a free in-person consultation so a stylist can give you pricing based on your specific beauty goals. Independent contractors are not bound by these prices and may vary based on stylist. Please ask your stylist for their pricing if he or she is an independent contractor/stylist.

Refund Policy:

All Sales Are Final. We have a No Refund Policy on all services rendered as well as all gift certifications and or online gift card purchases at our salon. We may offer one complimentary fix for a service with undesirable results at the stylists discretion (Excludes Color Corrections- which will be charged accordingly), stylist must be notified within 1-2 days of the original service; product cost fees will still apply for all services. Prepayment of product costs or a Deposit may be required to secure any additional appointments needed. Appointments canceled or rescheduled with less than 48 hour notice forfeits service payment and deposits. By entering your credit card information at time of booking online, or booking by phone, or in-person you agree to our terms and accept the forfeit of the prepaid product payment if you cancel or reschedule with less than 48 hour notice. All retail sales are final and will not be refunded after product purchase. Please note that salon gift certificates and or electronic online gift cards may not be returned or refunded and should be treated like cash. They cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. They never expire and they cannot be redeemed for cash unless required by law.


By booking an appointment and or signing Waiver & Release forms you the client, are knowingly and willingly consenting to receive beauty service(s) rendered at Stylish Creations Salon on the day of your appointment which will be documented within the salon's booking system. By purchasing any form of service gift card/certificate from Stylish Creation Salon, you, the signing party, knowingly accept this consent on behalf of the gifted party. Upon allowing a stylist to begin to perform any service on you, you are accepting and agreeing to all service fees.

You acknowledge and are aware that all service results vary based upon each individual and stylist providing service.  You understand photogenic images/likenesses shown or given to your stylist are for reference only.

Due to the highly sensitive nature of beauty services, you, therefore, acknowledge that undesirable results can occur. The stylist performing your service and Stylish Creations Salon have given no guarantee, warranty, promises, and or commitments regarding the results of the service(s) you receive.


In the event undesirable results do occur you acknowledge that payment for service is still required.

You, ackownledge that by receiving any service you, HEREBY FULLY RELEASE, WAIVE, COVENANT NOT TO SUE, AGREE TO HOLD HARMLESS, AND FOREVER DISCHARGE the stylist performing your service at Stylish Creations Salon and the salon itself from any and all liabilities, demands, claims, losses, injuries, or damages, including court costs and attorneys' fees and expenses, of any kind arising out of, or relating to, the service rendered and or the application of products uses, EVEN IF, THOUGH CAUSED IN WHOLE OR IN PART BY A PRE EXISTING DEFECT, THE NEGLIGENCE, WHETHER SOLE, JOINT, OR CONCURRENT, GROSS NEGLIGENCE, STRICT LIABILITY OR OTHER LEGAL FAULT OF MY STYLIST. YOU EXPRESS INTENT THAT THE ABOVE RELEASE INCLUDES THE RELEASE OF MY STYLIST FROM THE CONSEQUENCES OF THEIR OWN NEGLIGENCE. It is also my express intent that you hereby consent to Waive and Release and shall bind the members of your family and spouse, if you are alive, and your heirs, assigns, and personal representatives, if you are deceased, and shall be governed by the laws of the State of California. 

You further agree that, should you choose to seek the advice of an attorney regarding said release, you will be responsible for any and all costs of legal services that you incur. You agree that you release contemplation of any possible damages, either known or unknown at the signing of any Waiver and Release Form, and said damages are specifically waived following the signing of any waiver and release form. You further agree that in the event that any dispute that arises out of, or relating to, the service rendered and or terms of any Waiver & Release between you, or anyone acting on your behalf, my stylist and or anyone affiliated with my stylist shall be resolved by binding arbitration before the American Arbitration Association. The exclusive venue for arbitration against my stylist shall be the city and state in which the stylist resides at the time the arbitration is initiated. You agree that you will be responsible for and will pay all court costs, arbitration costs, attorney fees, and expenses, and other associated costs incurred by my stylist, in seeking enforcement of any Waiver & Release. You further release your stylist from any responsibility for pre-existing conditions you have not revealed, or any consequential change to those conditions that arise subsequent to the service you received. You understand that you are responsible for any medical treatment you may need to receive as a result of getting a service. You accept full responsibility for these and any other complications, which may arise or result during or following the service, which are to be performed at your request. 

You declare you have read all statements and have signed that you have read, understand, and accept all statements before any service was rendered. 

*You, the client, certify that you have read, had explained to you and fully understand any and all Waivers and Release forms and are signing them voluntarily on your own free act and deed. You certify that you have consulted with a stylist and have read all applicable literature given to you.  You accept the explanation of potential complications and risks described herein. You certify, you are of sound mind and you are fully capable of executing any and all Waivers and Release forms for yourself. No oral representations, statements, or inducements apart from the foregoing agreement that has been reduced to writing have been made. 

*You, the client, acknowledge and fully understand that there might be unknown risks not reasonably foreseeable at this time. You agree to assume all risks of injury associated with any service rendered and agree to hold harmless the stylist and Stylish Creations Salon. 

You, the client, hereby give Stylish Creations Salon the absolute right and unrestricted permission to take, use, and display photogenic images of me, through any form of media, print, digital, electronic, broadcast, or otherwise, at any location for art, advertising, media release news articles, marketing, publicity, archival, or any other lawful purpose. You waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising from or related to the use of photogenic images of yourself. You release and agree to hold harmless Stylish Creations Salon and my stylist from any liability in connection to taking or the use of said images. 

By receiving a service rendered at Stylish Creations Salon you are knowingly and willingly consenting to all salon policies, terms and conditions, and furthermore accept all service and policy fees.

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